Castle Creeps TD – Wait, What!? …Seriously!?

Castle Creeps TD by Outplay Entertainment - Review



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Castle Creeps TD by Outplay Entertainment

When you think of a high-quality tower defense style game for mobile, what games do you automatically think of? If you are anything like us, chances are you thought of titles such as Clash of ClansClash Royale, or Boom Beach? (All by Supercell) …things may be about to change forever…!

Castle Creeps TD is a super high-quality tower defense style game from Outplay Entertainment you need to take a look at! With super high-quality graphics, (the reason we originally thought this game was created by Supercell), a gameplay system that doesn’t require constant attention, and an almost overwhelming amount of functionality this is probably the most exciting newcomer of 2017… so far…

If you’re familiar with Clash of Clans, you probably already know how often you need to check up on your home base, with Castle Creeps TD this isn’t an issue. Based around a level based gameplay system tied together by an intriguing storyline, your mission in this game is to move from level to level as a commander instead of protecting one central base.

Reading this far, the obvious question would be, “How do you level things up?” and the answer is actually surprisingly simple. Instead of leveling up troops assigned to a base, you instead level up your troops via the main menu and call them into battle as needed.

Although the game is filled with functionality, at its current stage there isn’t all that much variety defensive building wise, meaning you may still get board. Honestly, this should be expected of a brand new release like this and makes us all the more excited for what the future holds!

If you love tower defense style games but can’t be bothered checking up on your base every 5 minutes, this may just be the game you’ve always been waiting for!

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The Conclusion

Does the thought of high-quality graphics, an engaging gameplay system, and the freedom to play whenever you want without getting raided tempting to you?

If so, what are you waiting for? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following


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