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Calculator: The Game by Simple Machine - Review



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Calculator: The Game by Simple Machine

When was the last time you solved anything harder than a sudoku puzzle without the help of your favorite mathematical sidekick… After all the stress of exams, mountains of paperwork and unpaid bills you have gone through together, this is a game about one of your closest friends…

Calculator: The Game is a game about a calculator that had the courage to do something different, the courage to be a game! …and boy did it succeed! Nothing like a certain phone “without” a headphone jack…🍎

Featuring much the same appearance as a normal calculator, your mission in this game is to create a given number, within a given number of moves, using a pre-defined set of mathematical functions you may, (or may not), already be somewhat familiar with.

Overall, Calculator: The Game is extremely straightforward and easy to understand, just so long as you start from level 1 and follow along as new functions are gradually added into the game. Pretty much the same as any other number puzzle.😅

Now, for players who aren’t exactly the best at number puzzles but have been captivated by this calculator’s super cute visuals, this game doesn’t exactly seem to have a GAME OVER, meaning you can try time after time without being forced to sit through numerous annoying ads… Whoo-hoo😆‼️

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The Conclusion

Are you ready to take on the ultimate gamer challenge…? A challenge brought to you by one of your closest friends who has stayed true to you though School, College, Work, and beyond…! As a friend, this is a game you simply can’t turn down…

Want to give Calculator: The Game a try? The download link is just below😉

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