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Bounzy! by Gram Games - Review



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Bounzy! by Gram Games

Do you dislike long winded games that literally take forever to complete before the next major update rolls in and you are nicely back at square one…😠 This is not one of those games…

After preparing to be sent off on a long winded quest to save a foreign city we only just heard about like 5 minutes ago, Bounzy! presents us with… Nothing…!

Bounzy! is the first game of its class and quality-level we’ve seen that actually features a gameplay system that revolves around 3~5 minutes of solid gameplay, followed by the option to either quit for a while or continue on playing. No long quests, no annoying story or dialog for you to follow, only the core gameplay for you to enjoy…

Featuring a gameplay system that strongly resembles titles such as Ballz and Bouncy Cats, your mission in this game is to prevent your city from being invaded by monsters using your player, (a Floating Wizard), and a little bit of magic. The game is played by (Touching and Dragging) on the screen of your device in order to aim, and releasing to fire. Pretty much the same as the classic Breakout just with a modernized gameplay system designed for smartphones.

Overall, Bounzy! is an incredibly high-end game with a decent level of functionality, a well-balanced difficulty scale, (you shouldn’t get stuck with nothing to do), and not too many ads to ruin your gaming experience.

Just the game we’ve always wanted! 😆

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The Conclusion

Although long quests definitely have a place on the majority of our smartphones, a lot of the time people simply don’t have 15~30 minutes of dedicated time they can spend on playing a game. That is where the beauty of simple minimalist games come into play.

Bounzy! features the same level of quality as the high-end mobile games you would rather be playing just in a much faster package you’ll instantly fall in love with! ❤️

Feel the need for this game? The download link is just below.😉

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