BotHeads – Will we ever make it to 100%…

BotHeads by A Small Game AB - Review




BotHeads by A Small Game AB


If you watch a lot of movies you probably already know there are some movies you can watch over and over again, and there are some you’ll only ever want to watch once. …BotHeads is a “game” you won’t want to play more than once…😅

Set in a cave-like world made of mostly black together with an accent of dark red, blue, purple, etc. (i.e. basically anything that creates an eery atmosphere), your mission in this game is to get to the end of a massively long stage filled with numerous traps without dying too many times💀

Although in theory you are probably supposed to reach the end of this impossibly long winding cave of doom without dying even once, the chances of you actually achieving that are definitely slim… VERY SLIM…

Played using a set of 2 on-screen buttons to propel your robot like player either (Up and to the Left) or (Up and to the Right), BotHeads definitely isn’t a difficult game to play – control wise – but will catch you off guard so many times you’ll soon begin to wonder just how many times this game is going to slaughter your player before you reach the end…

Each time you GAME OVER you are presented with 3 choices. The first is to pay a given number of gems you can collect within the game to continue, the second is to watch an ad and continue, and the third is to simply give up and return to the start of the game. (i.e. The LITERAL start of the game! at 0%)

Although we would never recommend playing this game more than once, if you enjoy playing platformer style games that don’t feature a random stage that regenerates itself each time you GAME OVER, this is probably the highest quality game currently available.

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The Conclusion

Are you ready to set out on an exciting new adventure featuring certain death multiple times along the way? Get ready to start watching 30-second ads…😅

Want to give BotHeads a try? The download link is just below😉

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