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Blyss by Dropout Games - Review



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Blyss by Dropout Games (Published by ZPLAY)

It is obvious that a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle is going to be a challenge.  But would you expect a simple 10 – 20 piece puzzle to stump you? Probably not…

Blyss is a game where you’ll almost always realize the stupidly obvious mistakes you make just a few seconds too late… Based on a gameplay system that seemingly resembles the game dominos, your mission in this game is to clear the board of every dotted puzzle piece, without slipping up and GAME OVER.

The game is played using simple swipe gestures to link up and clear pieces on your board, and you must link 3-4 pieces together each turn. Each turn, one dot will be subtracted from each piece in your link, and will hopefully leave no pieces stuck somewhere on your board with nothing to link to…

Although very challenging – especially as the size of your board expands – playing the game is made easy due to the simple swipe gestures, meaning this game should be fun and enjoyable for players of all ages. As long as you are a slight puzzle genius…

With 3 main game modes, Endless, Time Attack, and Playground, to keep you entertained, and an almost endless flow of new and challenging puzzles to keep you entertained, this is a game that will take you weeks – potentially months – to truly master.

Unfortunately we aren’t that good yet, and so until we are, all we can say is, Blyss is a simple/minimal puzzle game with smooth clean graphics and a wonderfully soothing soundtrack that keeps you from killing yourself after making a stupidly obvious mistake…

The Conclusion

Do you enjoy simple number puzzles that require you to think twice about even the simplest moves? If so, this is probably the game for you.

For the very affordable price of $0.90, you’ll have a hard time finding a better quality game.

Want to give Blyss a try? The download link is just below😉

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