Battle Golf Online – An online battleground where anything goes…

Battle Golf Online by Colin Lane Games - Review



Battle Golf Online by Colin Lane Games

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

Are you glad you live in this technological era where crushing the hopes and dreams of a fellow gamer potentially living thousands of kilometers away is as easy as pressing a button on the screen of your device…? Sometimes, NO…

Battle Golf Online is an online golfing battleground where even the dirtiest of tactics are A-OK. If you’ve ever wondered why players armed with heavy weapons of steel don’t simply end the game (for good) this is the game for you…

With 3 game modes for you to choose from – Online Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, and Versus AI – this game can be played online, offline, and with a physical friend who can beat you up in real life. …Not the best idea…

Played using a simple (Tap Based) control system which allows you to both “aim” and “charge your shot” by simply tapping on the screen of your device, Battle Golf Online is an extremely simple game to both learn and play. In addition to simple controls, the rules used in three of the “game-modes” mentioned above are equally simple.

In addition to simple controls, the rules used in all three of the “game-modes” mentioned above are equally simple and easy to learn, so long as you are prepared to play a little dirty…

In theory, the game is played by hitting your ball at/toward a miniature golf course that rises out of the lake that divides both you and your opponent. In reality, there is a small time-lag between new golf courses which allows you to prepare a shot before the course is even visible or even aim for a head shot in order to take out your opponent.

With cute character designs, a moderate level of customizable character skins/hats, and a minimal number of Ads to get in the way of your gaming, Battle Golf Online is a game we’d recommend to players who will do anything to break the rules…

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The Conclusion

Are you ready to battle it out online with some of the sneakiest golfers on the face of our small planet? If so, Battle Golf Online is practically a game designed for you!

Otherwise, there are plenty of other games by the KAPPSULE Studio Team for you to check out. Why not give DunkersTouchdowners, or Golf Zero a try?

Want to give Battle Golf Online a try? The download link is just below.
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  • Intuitiveness 8
  • Addictiveness 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Price 10