Ballz – If Breakout Became a Smash Hit In 2017…?

Ballz by Ketchapp - Review



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Ballz by Ketchapp

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder what would happen if the popular game Breakout from 1972 became popular in 2017? We didn’t because before we knew it “this game” was upon us!

In a nutshell, Ballz looks to be a remixed version of Breakout redesigned to enchant enthusiastic gamers once again! Played using not 1 or 2, but as many balls as you can possibly get your hands on(!), Ballz is played by machine gunning balls up at your targets which react in much the same way as the bricks in Breakout. i.e. Break and Disappear…

One key difference to note with Ballz though is that the bricks you are shooting at will almost always require you to hit them multiple times before they will finally give up and disappear. And it is this small new twist that likely makes Ballz so shockingly addictive…!

Featuring a (Touch and Drag to Aim | Release to Fire) based gameplay system, this game looks to be an exceedingly simple game to play, and to a degree it is. The more balls you collect the easier – and more awesome – the game becomes, and as long as you can keep any bricks from reaching the bottom of the screen you should be fine… until suddenly you GAME OVER😈

After trying and failing at this game way too many times, for some reason this game’s strangely compelling simplicity keeps pulling us back just to crush our hopes and dreams of finally getting a real high score…

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The Conclusion

Are you a fan of the classic game Breakout, or are you – like us – just a little late in trying this amazingly popular game? Either way, what you need next is exactly the same.

The download link is just below😉

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