Ball Bouncer: Physics-based infinite climber

by The Atomic Life, the developers of Ball Bouncer



Look way back at the beginning of any creative undertaking and you’ll find right at its core is the idea that set everything in motion.

That is the pillar, that is the identity of the whole enterprise you can find even in its finest details. This is true of every game, and Ball Bouncer is no exception. And in that shared trait, lies its uniqueness. Challenging gameplay and addictive, creative simplicity are the ideas that set the motion on Ball Bouncer, and it wears them on its sleeve.

Ball Bouncer

You’ll get used to the controls by the time you lose your first life, they are purposely simple so that you can take on the bigger, “real” challenges the game will throw at you. As you climb and bounce up, unexpected physics-based obstacles will block your path or your view. The black holes that suck you in, the explosions that throw you away, the moving walls and the teleporters, the guns and the trap-doors, will all leave you with a chip on your shoulder – maybe you could have been faster, maybe left wasn’t the way, maybe going for the coins wasn’t the best choice. You’ll be swiping your fingers back and forth until you break your own record.

Ball Bouncer

All this addictive gameplay is supported by the simple, minimalistic graphics and music of Ball Bouncer. A combination of geometric figures and soft colors that blend smoothly and seamlessly to help keep your attention in the game. And there’s also the music – music that seems so in-tune with what you are looking at on your screen. All of this is designed to immerse you in the game, to make it fun, difficult and something that you’ll want to tackle again and again.

Ball Bouncer

There is no way to prepare for what Ball Bouncer will throw at you next. It could be anything from a gun that traps you inside a glass-cage to a gun that will only let you see what is right next to you to any kind of power-up you can think of. There is always something new to block your way, a new combination of hurdles and enemies chasing you across the screen that forces you to make split-second decisions. A fast-paced experience that keeps you engaged between the thrill of going forward and the lurking frustration of starting again.

Ball Bouncer

The possibilities Ball Bouncer has to offer are endless. Every time you take another shot at playing it, the gameplay will be slightly different. Ball Bouncer is an infinite randomly- generated game, so every time you play, the experience is organic and immediate – there is no memory involved, only skill.

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