Armor Smash The Circle – A minimalist sniping game…?

Armor: Color Circles by Pixels On Fire Games - Review


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Armor Smash The Circle by Pixels On Fire Games

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When most people hear the word “armor” we’re pretty sure they don’t imagine a series of colorful spinning disks rotating around a central dot, but someone somewhere must have, and so Armor Smash The Circle was born…

Armor Smash The Circle is a simple game based mostly around timing and a little skill. Your mission in this game is to create an opening in the rotating shields defending a central dot by firing colorful balls at the blank gray shields and eliminating them.

As you may have guessed hitting a colorful shield will kill you – don’t ask us why – so you’ll need to be extra careful when firing at a multi layered level. …wait a second, that’s almost every level…😓

Although a difficult game Armor Smash The Circle is an extremely satisfying game none the less, especially when you’ve just managed to shoot through a gap that only appears for a split second!

If you like sniper games but just can’t handle the fast paced reaction time based gameplay, Armor Smash The Circle is a very simple minimalist game that will give you the same feel of success just in a much simpler package.

The Conclusion

If you’re after something tricky but not impossible, this may be the game.
Want to give it a try? The download link is just below…😉

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