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Ark O Ball by Voodoo - Review



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Ark O Ball by Voodoo

Ark O Ball

Are you enjoying trying out all many different clones of the ultra popular game Ballz by Ketchapp? If so, today, we may have uncovered the ultimate upgrade for players who are – at this point – too skilled to enjoy the average clone…! This is our review of Ark O Ball…

Ark O Ball by Voodoo, a brand new publishing team hidden behind a thick veil of darkness, have done it once again! Centered around pretty much the same gameplay system as that of Ballz, Bouncy Cats, and a million other games, Ark O Ball features 2 key differences you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Firstly, the obstacles (or bricks) you are shooting at never stop moving, meaning you have exactly 0 seconds of free thinking time. Secondly, your balls – which also never stop moving – are caught in a sort of half circle at the bottom of your screen and can be fired up at your targets at any time by simply tapping on the screen of your device.

Adding these two elements together gives you a game that looks like Ballz but is much, much faster… SERIOUSLY…‼️

If you are like us and have always believed somewhere deep down that given more moves Ballz would be a walk in the park… think again…! Ark O Ball is one of the most frantic games we have ever played. 😅 Even with our immense reviewer skills we only managed to achieve a score of 1280… which is actually pretty bad…😭

With a simplistic 2D design we would almost like to call minimalist, no skins or unlockable items, and just slightly too many ads for our liking – yet nothing unbearable – this is a game we’d recommend to anyone who believes their skill exceeds anything a normal Ballz clone has to offer.

The Conclusion

After reading our review do you still truly believe you have what it takes to defeat this monster of a game? If so, you are incredibly brave… or just conceited…😜

Want to give Ark O Ball a try? The download link is just below.😉

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