Aqueducts – Don’t let this game’s beauty fool you…

Aqueducts: prevent a drought by uaJoyTech - Review



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Aqueducts: prevent a drought by uaJoyTech

Are you a fan of anything that features beautiful low poly 3D graphics? If so, today we’ve got a game that is beautiful to look at, simple to play, yet extremely puzzling to figure out… Sound like fun?

Aqueducts is a game about transporting water from A to B within a given number of moves using a number of pre-built aqueduct segments you can rotate by 90º (clockwise) by tapping on the segment. The game is fairly easy to play and managing to figure out the puzzles shouldn’t be too difficult for the average player! …at least in the lower levels that is…

Although this definitely isn’t going to bother “everyone”, if you are one of those players who need 3 stars on every cleared stage to feel a sense of satisfaction, this game is probably going to be quite a challenge…

The levels in this game, although simple, definitely aren’t the easiest to figure out, and with no easily accessible (Start Over) button, you’ll have to get things right in pretty-much a single shot if you wish to achieve the coveted 3-star solution.😅

With a total of 8 different worlds for you to explore, Aqueducts is both a challenging puzzle game and a slight masterpiece of mobile gaming art, making it the perfect game for those who wish to have a game they can quietly sit and observe while wondering what on earth the solution is to the simple puzzle they have been staring at for the past 30 minutes…

The Conclusion

Are you one of those players who doesn’t really care how many stars you collect just so long as you find the solution in the end? If so, chances are you’ll lead a much happier life than the majority of reviewers at Edamame Reviews…

Ready to put your brains to the test? The download link is just below.😉

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