Your App Icon is Killing your Game! Viral App 101


After spending hours of work Programming, Designing, and Tweaking your game to perfection, how much time and thought did you put into creating the perfect App Icon?

As reviewers, we check out a lot of apps. Some games are good – others not so good – but the single most important 180×180 px image you will ever create, (according to us reviewers), is by far your App Icon. And for a few good reasons!

Although we would love to believe that people don’t judge us based on our first impression, unfortunately, they do. For people, this means you should probably take the time to brush your teeth and take a shower before you go out, but for apps, it means you need an App Icon that reflects the time and effort you put into creating your app. Otherwise, you’re in trouble…

How a sloppy App Icon could ruin your life…

If you’ve submitted your game to a number of different Review-Sites, Blogs, YouTubers, etc. take a moment to remember back and think about what images they used to represent the Apps and Games featured on their Site, Blog, or Channel. Chances are a lot of them use App Icons.

For us, views are everything. If our review of your game only attracts a few hundred views because of a sloppy App Icon, we could potentially lose any money spent on our “free” review of your game because our readers simply aren’t compelled to click on our article. (Represented by your App Icon)

Unless you are sponsoring the article being produced, 100% of the costs accompanied with creating an article, post, or video are covered by the Review Team, Blogger or YouTuber meaning there is no point in reviewing a game that may not even cover the costs of production.

This is why at Edamame Reviews we make use of App Screenshots instead of App Icons on our site. It is a serious problem!

You aren’t selling a hard cover book. You’re selling an app!

Luckily, changing your App-Icon is easy, (even after release), meaning your chances are endless. If you’re struggling to get reviewers excited about your App or Game, why not try re-designing your App-Icon? It could make all the difference!

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