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What is Edamame Reviews?

Edamame Reviews is a Mobile Game Review Site dedicated to providing its readers with the very best of mobile gaming news. Our goal is to help developers get great games into the hands of players every day!

Starting out as a tiny Game Review Site with “0 views” and “0 fans” in September of 2015, Edamame Reviews has grown from the tiny review site it once was to a review site with over 45K followers on our social media networks and 150,000+ views per month!

And it’s all thanks to our loyal fans… Thanks Guys😉‼️

45K+ Followers

1,000,000+ PV

What do our rankings mean?

At Edamame Reviews we rank games based on “Funness.”

Due to the fact that “Funness” often isn’t directly related with how Challenging, Addictive, Good Looking, or Expensive a game is, our ranks are carefully decided by our review team game by game.

Although more time consuming than an automated ranking algorithm, we believe this is essential in order for us to provide our fans with the most accurate game reviews possible.


(Skill Level, Addictiveness, Graphics, and Price), what does all this mean?

Well actually, it’s all pretty straightforward:

  • Skill Level (Formally Difficulty) is how much skill you will need to enjoy the game.
  • Addictiveness is how addictive we found the game to be compared to all the games we have previously reviewed.
  • Graphics is how graphically stunning we found the game to be compared to all the games we have previously reviewed.
  • Price is how much you’ll need to play to play. (5 Stars = Free)

The Skill Level, Addictiveness, Graphics, and Price rankings are carefully decided by our review team game by game and are based on real human responses, thoughts, and feelings.


“What, shouldn’t these be the same…?”

Every now and then we receive the question, “Why are these two games ranked differently overall when their Sub Rankings are exactly the same?”

The simple answer to this question is, “We don’t have enough rankings…”

You see, a “Flappy Game” and a “2D Platformer” (two completely different game types) could potentially have the exact same Sub Rankings but completely different overall rankings.

At first, this may seem unfair, but realizing that these are in fact two completely different games with hardly anything in common, it will soon become apparent that forcing the same rankings upon these two games just because their Sub Rankings are the same is absurd!

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