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Founded in late 2015 Edamame Reviews is a review site dedicated to covering the very best games for iOS and Android. With a global audience of over 100,000+ Gamers, Developers, and Publishers, Edamame Reviews is devoted to covering every aspect of mobile gaming from the Developers who make them to the Players who love them!

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Unfortunately, we can’t review everything, however, you can be assured that a real person will check out your game and seriously consider it for a free review. Send us your games with confidence!

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Why are all your reviews so positive?

It is easy to find a bad game. It isn’t easy to find great games that are truly worth sharing. Using the limited time and resources we have, our mission is to review as many fun and enjoyable great games as possible. In general, we try not to review games we feel are lower than a C+ or C in rank.

Can I buy a review of my game?

No. Game reviews on Edamame Reviews are all 100% FREE. All of the game reviews on our site are funded entirely by Edamame Reviews. Most of the articles (other than reviews) on our site are also written and funded by our team. *We have begun accepting some 3rd party developer articles. More Info.

All Articles and Reviews by Edamame Reviews prior to (01/07/2017) will have:

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

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