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What is Edamame Reviews?

Edamame Reviews is a Mobile Game Review Site dedicated to providing its readers with the very best of mobile gaming news. Our goal is to help developers get great games into the hands of players every day!

Starting out as a tiny Game Review Site with “0 views” and “0 fans” in September of 2015, Edamame Reviews has grown exponentially and is now gaining thousands of influential readers every month!

Overall Rankings

At Edamame Reviews we rank games based on “Fun-ness.”

Although “Fun-ness” can’t be measured or determined by a graph or chart, it is essentially the most important factor of each and every game you choose to download. 📲

That’s why at Edamame Reviews we rank each and every one of our reviews based on how much fun we expect “you” the player to experience while playing the game.

Yes, this is completely and utterly subjective, but until our developers create a totally accurate A.I. with the ability to measure “Fun-ness” it is the best we can do😉

Sub Rankings

These are actually rather straight forward…

  • Intuitiveness – How “Intuitive” a game is.
  • Addictiveness – How “Addictive” a game is.
  • Graphics – How “Visually Stunning” a game is.
  • Price – How many “Cheeseburgers” you’ll need to give up on.😢

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