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22 Seconds by Ketchapp - Review



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22 Seconds by Ketchapp

Have you ever been asked to wait “just 5 minutes!” with nothing to do? Although there is no guarantee that your wait will actually be 5 minutes, there is also no way of telling whether you’ll need to be alert and ready for action before 5 minutes are up… What do you do?

22 Seconds is the perfect game to have with you when you need something quick and easy to do for a given amount of time. As the name implies, this game will start and end in exactly 22 seconds. No Boosters, no “Continue?” pop-ups, nothing! Which, in the right circumstances, is exactly what you need!

Played using an intuitive set of (Swipe Controls) to bounce your player up a simple maze-like stage, this game is based solely on how high you can climb within 22 seconds.

Although this may not sound like the most entertaining concept for a game, once you’ve downloaded 22 Seconds and half-heartedly given it a try, you’ll soon realize just how hard it is to get a high score you feel satisfied with.

5 minutes later, (approximately 13 games), you’ll soon realize how much you can do in a seemingly short 22 seconds…

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The Conclusion

Although you may have an awesome MMO, an addictive Simulation Game, and a few addictive mini-games to play every so often, chances are you don’t have a fun game that will end in exactly 22 seconds every time…

Want to give 22 Seconds a try? The download link is just below😉

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