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BotHeads – Will we ever make it to 100%…

BotHeads by A Small Game AB If you watch a lot of movies you probably already know there are some movies you can watch over and over again, and there are some you'll only ever...
Big Bang Racing

Big Bang Racing – Race, Create, And Try Not To Explode!

Big Bang Racing by Traplight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xnvkm4fkU80 Have you spent years now searching for the ultimate mobile racing game with high-end graphics, a seemingly infinite number of existing race tracks, and brilliant multiplayer functionality? Search no...

Laps – The Fastest Number Puzzle You Will Ever Play!

Laps - Fuse by QuickByte Games https://youtu.be/olEF86uJzvo Are you a fan of simple yet strangely addictive number puzzles such as 2048. If so, chances are your life lacks Action! For players who have always wanted an...
Dude Ball

Dude Ball – Never Ever Fire Straight Up…

Dude Ball by Appsolute Games (Wonder Maru) https://youtu.be/RT6h2G1QV84 When was the last time you played a game of Pinball? If you're anything like us, chances are it was when the awesome game PinOut! by Mediocre was first released,...
Alley Bird

Alley Bird – Flap, Jump, and dodge those Cats!

Alley Bird by Orangenose Studios Do you just love the distinctively cute look of games such as Owl Can't Sleep, One Wheel, and Egg Car? Well, today we've got another great game from our...

Cyclus – The Timing is Everything…!

Cyclus by Tiny Games https://youtu.be/dZMrCDczo2U Do you love spending hours playing casual games on your smartphone? If you're anything like us, chances are you are extremely skilled at getting to about stage 4 or 5 of...
Drop Wizard Tower

Drop Wizard Tower – Casting Spells Isn’t Easy…

Drop Wizard Tower by Nitrome https://youtu.be/NmRopLvCb6M Are you a fan of, Leap Day, Redungeon, Hop Swap, or Silly Sausage? If so, today we've got another great game from the Nitrome Team you're about to fall in love with...❤️ Drop Wizard...
Paper Wings

Paper Wings – Beautiful, Minimal, Magical!

Are you a fan of the way a lot of the web is shifting toward a simpler, more streamlined and minimal design? ...well, it turns out games are changing as well, and when done nicely, the results are almost magical.


Laser Kitty Pow Pow

Laser Kitty Pow Pow – AHHHH THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Did you fall in love with Nyan Cat from the moment you first heard that beautifully annoying melody which has now etched itself into the minds of many millions never to be forgotten again... If so, we have just the game for your twisted sense of humor...
Knight Saves Queen

Knight Saves Queen – A Game Everyone, (but the King), Will Enjoy!

Have you ever "modified" how you play Chess? Once as an experiment, our team tried playing chess where every piece on the board besides the king was forced to move like a knight!  ...Suddenly the King was the most powerful piece on the board...

Touchdowners – Ridiculously Awesome Football!

“Stupid games are often the best games you could ever download.” Do you agree? If so, today we’ve got a game you need, not want or should, but need to check out!
Monkey Ropes

Monkey Ropes – The Next Step In Your Adventure!

Are you an ice cool fan of the awesomely popular game Icy Ropes? If so, today we've got a game you 100% need to know about! Monkey Ropes by PlaySide is the latest release in PlaySide's (Rope Climbing) series and we must say, it has both its ups and downs...
Swing King

Swing King – Nitrome… Is that you…?

Swing King by Shedworks Digital https://youtu.be/3DJKRg-6jmQ You can't hide it. Today we've got an awesome little game with the look, feel, and quality of a game published by Nitrome! ...but is actually the first title published...
Collider Shapes

Collider Shapes – Visual Effects Gone Wild…

Collider Shapes by ZPLAY https://youtu.be/ETTNWqV3P44 Have you ever attempted to make a video game? Depending on how far you got with your creation, chances are somewhere along the line you stumbled upon a treasure trove of...

Telepaint – A Puzzle Game About A Bucket…?

Telepaint is an extremely well-made puzzle game that kind of makes sense... Centered around a living breathing teleporting Paint Bucket that wanders around a 2D stage in search of an equally odd Paint Brush...

Rider by Ketchapp – Flip, Jump, and Flip Again!

...7 Years from its release in 2010, are you still in love with the "Light Cycles" from the arguably awesome film Tron...? Well, today we've got a game that was practically designed for you!

RPS.io – The Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors Showdown!

RPS.io by Youzu Stars Are you an RPS (i.e. Rock, Paper, Scissors) champion! Have you got the skill to beat any of your workmates when it comes to deciding who pays for lunch? Well, isn't...

SQUARCLE – Color Matching Madness!

SQUARCLE by KASUMUSHI When was the last time you mistook the Sun for the Moon... Never? Good, we don't need to introduce you to a psychologist... SQUARCLE is a simple game centered around matching same colored shapes in...
Dash Legends

Interview with the UKI Games Team the developers of Dash Legends!

Are you in need of a simple (One Touch) runner game for your smartphone with 3 years of development history and 99% more functionality to come? Well, this may just be the "only" game for you...


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