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Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash – Wait a sec, isn’t this Skull Dash?

What is the difference between a Living Skeleton and a Zombie...? Since they are both dead and hopefully(?) only live in awesome fictitious stories, are they actually pretty much the same thing? Another question to ask Reddit...
Watch Yo! Back

Watch Yo! Back – Smash, Crush, and Destroy!!!

Do you ever feel like turning into a massive green monster and destroying everything in sight? ...We'll today we've got just the game for you! Now you can stop hanging around labs in hopes of getting caught up in an explosion of gamma radiation...
White Trip

White Trip – Race The Ever Glowing Sunset!

Do you take pride in the games you allow yourself to play? Are you a snobby gamer who can't stand lowering your standards to what is considered "normal" by most mobile gamers?
SUP Multiplayer Racing

SUP – A Full On Multiplayer Racing Experience!

Racing games on mobile devices aren't great... In order to deliver the high-performance gameplay we all love and enjoy, developers are often forced to cut corners, removing vital features we have come to expect from a "truly" high-end racing game...

EAT FATTY – 1 Screen – 2 Players – 1 Survivor…!

Have you ever fought over who is "forced" to eat the last slice of Pizza? After foolishly ordering a pizza 2x bigger than normal it is now time to decide who is forced to suffer the unavoidable consequences commonly known as a Food Coma...
Super Sticky Bros

Super Sticky Bros – Dash, Jump, and Go Ballistic!

Do you feel this strange surge of excitement when you download a brand new game you weren't expecting too much from, just to discover that you accidentally stumbled upon something totally awesome!? ...What an introduction...
Stream Jump

Stream Jump – Quick! The Floor Is Lava!!!

Stream Jump is a minimalist style jumper game which has fallen victim to the hot new trend, The Floor is Lava. Formally set on a clean white stage populated by colorful round objects which acted as a sort of stepping stone for your player...
Yeah Bunny!

Yeah Bunny! – Dash, Jump, and Say Yeah!

Yeah Bunny! is a brand new pixelated 2D runner game with a control system that "seems" remarkably similar to that of Super Mario Run, and a speed oriented gameplay system that will likely remind you of the first time you met Sonic... TOO FAST! WHAT IS HAPPENING!



HYPER BEAM – A Twin-Stick Arcade Survival Game

Chances are, in your lifetime you have attempted to perform 2 tasks of seemingly equal difficulty simultaneously. Although some may argue that women are better than men at performing tricky tasks like this, try writing 2 separate sentences with your left and right hand simultaneously... It's hard...!
Flight Color

Flight Color – Slow and easy is the key to success…

Do you love simple, quick and easy games, that revolve around colors? If so, you're not alone! Color matching games are currently so popular they almost deserve a category of their own! ...and today we've got another one to add to your smartphone...
Balls VS Blocks

Balls VS Blocks – Pay To Play “Redefined!”

Have you noticed that almost everything in life seems to be designed to suck as much money from your already thin and frail wallet as possible? ...if not, today we've got a game that will soon teach you a little about what life is like on planet earth...
Pirate Match Adventure

First get the treasure, and then… win everything else! Pirate Match Adventure has arrived!

The first game from Playgram Games is now available for Android and iOS devices. A match-3 pirate adventure, ready to be downloaded free, on both smartphones and tablets. Let’s go get the gold!
Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner – Is This a Joke…!? or not…?

So, are you one of the many individuals enjoying - or despising - the fidget spinner craze? If so, today we've got a game you will either love, hate, or have absolutely no idea what to make of...
Cubie Adventure

Cubie Adventure – A Fully Immersive Arcade Experience!

Are you one of the few individuals who live in 2017 and still regularly visit gaming arcades? If so, today we've got a game that will both make your life far more convenient, and may just put the few remaining arcades out of business...
Canyon Crash

Interview with the QuickByte Team, the developers of Canyon Crash

Every now and then do you have this strange desire to play a ridiculously awesome game that doesn't really make sense when you think about it, but is still awesome none the less? Today we would like to share our interview with the QuickByte Team the developers of Canyon Crash.
Bouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops – Intuitiveness to the Extreme!

Do you have a strong burning resentment toward user manuals? If you're going to make a product why not make it simple and easy to use...!? Today we've got a game that is so intuitive, you'll struggle to find a person who doesn't know how to play...
Carrying boxes

Carrying boxes – It’s Party Time!

Do you simply love being in charge? If looking down on people from your high perch above everyone else is something you love, chances are you have few/no friends. That's why today we've got just the game to occupy some of your lonely free time...
Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity – Pure-Amazingness in a Game…

Have you forever had this strange fascination with space? Imagine, jumping from galaxy to galaxy, battling space pirates, and exploring the very edges of space itself!...what an adventure...!
Glob Trotters

Glob Trotters – An Endless Arcade Blobber

Are you in need of a brand new blobber game to occupy that empty spot on your home screen? Didn't know there was such a category as a blobber game? Neither did we, because we just made it up!



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