Rising Warriors – Rise of “traditional” warfare…!?

Rising Warriors by FredBear Games - Review


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Rising Warriors by FredBear Games

If Boom Beach is at the peak of modern warfare, with crazy defense systems and insanely overpowered troops, then Rising Warriors is at the opposite end of the scale…

Do you just love those traditional battles between warring kingdoms? Knights in shining armor, Magical Swords, and of course, Dragons! …we may have just found the game you’ve been longing for!

Rising Warriors is a game about war, more specifically a King and his very unfaithful former commander. As you can probably already imagine, the King’s former commander turns on his master and captures a large portion of his kingdom throwing the entire nation into chaos. Your mission – as you have no doubt figured out – is to take back what was once rightfully yours and defeat the evil traitor, once again restoring peace to your kingdom!

Although a very typical story line you’ve probably heard far too many times, this time there is one key difference… This time, you are part of the action!

Obviously the most exciting part of any medieval game are the battles and Rising Warriors is no exception. With an extremely orderly “traditional” battle style, the battles in Rising Warriors basically consist of lining up and charging! A typical medieval fighting style.

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The Conclusion

If Knights in shining armor give you that giddy excitement 3 year old’s experience when they see a bucket full of fairy floss, this is the game for you.

The king is old and needs a new general to restore peace to his kingdom, what better candidate is there than you?

Ready to begin your adventure? The download link is just below 😉

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