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A quick review of Land Sliders by RGB Game Studios the developer of Chase & Hunt.

Land Sliders is a unique and peppy little game that has redefined the idea of arcade like puzzle games that are currently available for mobile gamers. Starting from the iconic Turny, Land Sliders has some of the most fun to play characters all created with a great sense of humor.

By sliding the player or the world or the character, depending on how you feel comfortable, each character navigates through levels 1 to 5 that are currently available and collects the object of his fetish. The game is filled with many interactive elements that you can engage with as you collect your objects and reward coins. The quirky animated actions and characters shooting off into space are really fun to watch too. And if you get tired of collecting coins, you can always go and bump a bear on the back or throw a pogosaurus in the water to get more.

By unlocking characters, you also unlock new looks for the levels that really showcase great game art. Even though the levels appear to start randomly, 5 levels feels too short and a little predictable after playing 20-30 characters leaving you wishing for more content.

A big thumbs up to the prettygreat team!

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