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A quick review of Floors by RGB Game Studios the developer of Chase & Hunt.

Floors by Ketchapp is a simple game that is extremely quick to catch on and play. Its simple graphics almost render the need for language unnecessary. Like all their earlier games, floors has an almost retro poster colour scheme that makes it fun to look at as well. The game is based on the principle of an obstacle race. A man runs across floors of a building avoiding pointed obstacles and collecting diamonds as cash to redeem in the store. The diamonds collected can be used to buy new quick footed characters to play. The game also rewards you with bonus diamonds when you play continuously. The floors appear at varying heights every time and the speed increases as he clears each level, bring in excitement to the gameplay.

The game features ads on its footer and at times on the menu screen that can be removed by upgrading to the premium version. But overall they don’t seem too intrusive at all.

The best part of playing floors is its ability to make you think quickly and prevent your brain from forming patterns on gameplay. Though the game may seem a bit repetitive, the level design makes it hard to keep a game going for a long time. Overall a fun way to pass time and refresh your grey cells.

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