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Sometimes the stupidest ideas are actually the best, and in our opinion, Join The Dots is one of them. Who in their right mind would ever think of turning dot to dots into an action game!? Seriously?

Join The Dots may just be the most addictive top down tapper game (is that a category?) we’ve played since the rise of Piano Tiles. Set in a similar environment to Piano Tiles your mission in this game is to tap on the dots that speedily fall from the top of your screen in order to “connect the dots.”

Obviously just tapping on dots would be way too easy, and so in order to spice things up a bit, this game adds a few obstacles into the mix. (1) Obstacles must not be tapped on. (2) You must not intersect an obstacle with a line between two dots. Although rule (1) is fairly easy not to mess up, (2) managing not to intersect an obstacle positioned directly between two dots will require a little brain power…

Sometimes you will need to purposefully tap on a dot further away in order to approach a dot sandwiched between obstacles from a safe angle, sometimes you will need to zig-zag your way past too many obstacles, and sometimes it just gets way too hard! …but for some reason, you’ll just keep on coming back for more…

Although Join The Dots is a super fast game that may actually be impossible for some less skilled players, the theory behind the game is – just like Piano Tiles – so simple, it’s hard not to think just one more game! …100 games later… “Just once more!”

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The Conclusion

Do you find simple games the most addictive? If so congratulations(!) …your social life is about to end…

With simple graphics, a simple concept, and a simple gameplay system, Join The Dots may be the most addictive game we’ve featured all month!

Ready to kiss your social life goodbye? The download link is just below😉

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