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Echelon 2D by Eageron - Review


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Echelon 2D by Eageron

“Space Invader” fans alert! We’ve just found something awesome! Today we’ve found something just a little bit different, a modernised version of the classic Space Invaders!

Echelon 2D is a new type of Space Invaders. Instead of hiding behind pixelated shields you now have a “Force Field”, instead of pixelated graphics the whole game is now redesigned with a very modern minimalist design, all up this game looks amazing! …but perhaps what’s coolest of all is that you are no longer shooting with “Bullets.”

The biggest upgrade users will probably notice when playing Echelon 2D are the changes made in the weapons department. Instead of firing small and rather pathetic bullets that can destroy at best one enemy, in Echelon 2D you are given missiles! In fact you are given 27 of them!

Using these 27 missiles your mission is to create massive chain reactions of destruction, wiping out half of the enemy forces in just a few shots. How does this this work? Simple. You as the player are required to tap on different locations on the screen in order to fire a missile to that location.

Once the missile reaches it’s destination “it does what missiles do” and explodes sending a shockwave out and destroying any enemies caught up in the blast. The enemy ships that were caught up in the explosion then in turn explode causing a massive chain reaction of destruction!

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The Conclusion

If “massive chain reactions of destruction” sounds exciting to you, Echelon 2D may just be the game you were waiting for!

Although a very simple game with not all that much functionality other than the base game itself, Echelon 2D is an awesome mini game Space Invader fans will find hard to resist.

Want to give it a try? The download link is just below 😉

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