Looper – You are your own worst enemy…😈

Looper by Nurkhametov Tagir Can you remember way back to a time when a game called Lemmings was all the rage? Released way back in 1991, Lemmings is estimated to have sold around 20 million...
Color Trail

Color Trail – A wonderfully splashy adventure…💦

Color Trail by Nanovation and LHD Games https://youtu.be/bt5mtW-gNuc Are simple, almost minimalist style games with a somewhat mystical look and feel your type of game? If so, chances are you’re feeling just a little flooded...

Interview with the uaJoyTech Team, the developers of Aqueducts

Our interview with the uaJoyTech Team, the developers of Aqueducts: prevent a drought Love beautiful low-poly games? If so, today we've got an interview that may give you just a little extra insight into what goes into creating...

Interview with the RawHand Studio team, the developers of SpaceTapTap

  Our interview with the RawHand Studio team, the developers of SpaceTapTap Find a popular game just a little too fast, hard, or uncontrollable? Perhaps you should check out a clone... Today we would like to share...
Space Frontier

Interview with Part Time Monkey the developer Space Frontier🚀

    Our interview with Part Time Monkey the developer Space Frontier https://youtu.be/ADRtRN3Ir3s Have you ever wanted to launch your very own rocket? A few years ago you would have been considered crazy! ...now, not so much... SpaceX... Elon...
Hand of God

Hand of God – The tiny people in your smartphone📲

Hand of God - Top Clicker & Tap Games by Playgendary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aHoWr36u48 Have you ever wanted to dive into your tv and punch a guy who deserves to be hit, but due to the complications of...

1LINE – A one-stroke puzzle game✏️

1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game by Sentaro Gamekawa "✏️Can you draw this image without lifting your pen?" ...do you enjoy mentally drawing out the simple puzzles commonly found in newspapers, magazines, and spammy banner...
Space Frontier

Space Frontier – Most addictive Ketchapp game yet!

Space Frontier by Ketchapp / Part Time Monkey https://youtu.be/ADRtRN3Ir3s Are you a long time fan of Ketchapp games? We are(!) and so when we found out about Space Frontier we couldn't help but give it a try!...
Foodpia Tycoon

Foodpia Tycoon – Dominate the fast food world👽

Foodpia Tycoon by STORMX How many theme parks have you managed in your life? If you were a fan of the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon, chances are you've managed countless parks of all different sizes over the...
Oil Tycoon

Oil Tycoon – When will this game be outdated…😅

Oil Tycoon - A Tap City Inc & Idle Clicker Game by Holy Cow Studio No matter where you live, no matter who you are, no matter what your job or religion, this is...



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